Shana Birly

Position: Intern
Categories: Interns

Shana Birly is a graduate student at Harvard Medical School, majoring in Bioethics. She obtained her BSc at San Jose State University in Health Sciences and Psychology with a concentration in Health Professions. Shana is currently an intern in the Division of Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation assisting with photobiomodulation clinical trials, and a research fellow at HMS exploring the ethics of portable neuroimaging devices in diverse populations for the NIH BRAIN Initiative. Prior to HMS, Shana was a scientist in clinical development at Genentech, a San Francisco based biotech company. She also worked as a research associate for UCSF and UC Davis prior to transitioning to industry. Shana hopes to obtain her PhD in Neuroscience where she can apply her experience in drug development and background on expanding diversity in neuroscience research. Shana is originally from California and enjoys hiking and playing with her dogs, Scooter and Mr. Darcy.