Sahand Babapoor-Farrokhran, MD, PhD

Position: Instructor
Categories: Faculty
Dr. Babapoor-Farrokhran is an instructor in the Division of Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation and a graduate of the the Interventional Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He has always been interested in better understanding how the brain works and started participating in psychopharmacology research during his medical school training and thereafter finished his neuroscience PhD studies in the field of electrophysiology and neuroimaging in non-human primates. His PhD research was focused on cognitive control, and how brain oscillations and neuronal activities are modulated during cognitively demanding tasks.
Dr. Babapoor-Farrokhran is also interested in applying his basic science knowledge in clinical practice. He completed his psychiatry training at Western University in Canada before becoming a clinical fellow. Dr. Babapoor-Farrokhran feels his clinical training is perfectly aligned with his research skills, and his goal to further improve the existing neuromodulation techniques to provide more effective treatments for patients