Chandler Carr

Position: Clinical Research Coordinator
Categories: CRC

Chandler graduated from Brown University in 2022 with a B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience. Chandler boasts a broad range of interests all centered around holistic health. She started her career as a research assistant at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center in New York City looking at the unique genes in self-renewing organisms. She then transitioned into weight loss intervention research specifically for LGBTQ+ women. After finishing undergrad, Chandler began working in neuromodulation at Butler Hospital, where she lead the clinical TMS service. Now, Chandler works in the Laboratory for Neuromodulation and Neuropsychiatry providing clinical TMS service and assisting in research studies. Chandler is a certified yoga instructor and thus incorporates yogic and ayurvedic perspectives to her clinical work. In her free time, Chandler enjoys listening to music, dancing, and spending time with her pet rabbit.